BSc(Psych) and BEquine St, ‘Equine Specialist’ EAP/EAL Program Mentor and Supervisor with Equine Time, NSW.

Jen started her career in the Equine Industry in a variety of roles supporting and working directly with horses. She has had many horses of her own and competed in western riding disciplines, while having a true love of “ground work” and real relationship building with horses through natural horsemanship principles.

Jen, and her Mum (Lyn Toms; Psychologist) saw the healing power of the relationship with horses and did their first EAGALA training in 2009 and continued to grow and train in EAGALA for many years. Jen went onto build her Psychology knowledge completing her undergraduate degree in 2011. Jen also attended the first Advanced EAGALA training in UTAH, USA in 2012. Jen set up an Equine-Assisted (in-house) program for The Ranch at Dove Tree and Ranch 2300, in Texas USA, to enhance the interventions of their Residential AOD and Eating Disorders programs.

For the last 10 years she has worked consistently as an Equine Specialist, Mentor and Trainer for Equine Time; a Private Psychology Practice for individuals and groups in life skills, mental health and behaviour management programs and was a key player in the Sydney EAGALA networking group during its infancy.

In recent years Jen has worked in the not-for-profit sector as a Youth worker and Case worker, and had a variety of project and leadership roles in Homelessness, Out-of-home-care, Safeguarding children, Disability Support and NGO Tendering. Jen is excited by the opportunity to represent the Equine Assisted Therapies sector moving forward, and hopes to create a united sector to receive more recognition and funding to have Equine-Assisted programs available to everyone across Australia and New Zealand.

Jennifer Toms