ACA Registered Counsellor, EPI Trainer and supervisor, EAP Senior Level Practitioner, Mindful Horsemanship Coach, Business Set-Up Coach.

I have been involved with horses for over 45 years and I am experienced in many equine disciplines including eventing, dressage, pony club and the thoroughbred racing industry. I currently coach and compete in Working Equitation and eventing.

I have been a Natural Horsemanship Instructor since 1996 where I have been helping people understand their horses so they can develop better relationships and work together harmoniously. This usually meant the human needed to change both mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This inspired me to look into EAP so that I can help people that don’t have their own horses to become the best versions of themselves that they can be. I am also passionate about helping those that are less fortunate, to become who they want to be.
I work with individuals, teenager to adult, women’s groups and corporate groups.
I specialise in addiction recovery support as well as trauma therapy.
I have developed a business essentials program to help new practitioners start up their own businesses.

Louise Atkinson