Michelle is deeply passionate about the well-being of people, animals and the phenomenal realm of nature in our world. As an Equine Assisted Learning and Wellness Practitioner for the past 8 years, her foundational approach is learning, growth and healing through holism, mindfulness, awareness and nature-based therapy principals.

“Every day, my quest is to choose shared-moments of discovery, nourishment & gratitude …”
Michelle’s personal and professional experience with various Horsemanship styles, Nutrition, Eating Disorders, Complex Trauma, PTSD, Energy Healing, Animal Communication, Health Food Shop Owner, Mother, Grandmother, House-keeper, Farmer, and Business Owner have provided richness, creativity, passion, integrity and authenticity in her purpose-work.

She has been fondly described as gentle, dedicated, warm, welcoming, caring, healing and openly accepting.

Michelle currently practices from her enchanting, family farm-home of 24 acres with stone cottage, forest tracks, gardens and pasture with her loving co-facilitators – family herd of 7 horses, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 3 guinea pigs (and many furry hoppies and winged beauties), in the magnificent gateway of the Huon Valley Tasmania. She particularly enjoys offering personal growth and healing with ‘Way of the Horse’ shared experiences; and has a natural, compassionate strength for supporting those with trauma.
Michelle also strives to professionally and personally grow for the benefit of herself as well as others she supports. She is active in a number of Health Service provider committees, networking, training and references groups; and has completed several PD training workshops including: various MHPN training webinars, MHPN trauma training, Mental Health First Aid, Domestic Violence for Front-line Workers, Circle of Security, Homepathic Home Prescriber, Seniour First Aid, Equine Farm and Nutrition management, Sharon May Davis horse dissection and muscular-skeletal workshops, as well as a multitude of horsemanship clinics and regular, ongoing supervision for her current practice.

Michelle Roockley